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  Study in USA:


  Why USA  

Every student looking for a bright future flock to the United Sates for the obvious reason for the quality of education provided there. It is the destination for millions of students across the world for higher education be it in science or management or any field for that matter, in US you are provided the highest quality of education by the best professors available.

Last year itself more than 600000 students traveled to US for higher studies more than any other country by a huge margin therefore further cementing the fact that’s it’s the destination for academic excellence, Year in year out US colleges, Universities rank among the top in the world. . Schools such as Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT, etc are all worlds famous and have a lot of foreign students studying there. Studying there students are thoroughly prepared for their future endeavors with very practical, technical education making the students confident and prepared for the outside world. Let us go through the reason why US is the hot spot for further education:

Quality of education:

US is considered to be the best place for education in all fields what with the majority of the worlds best universities are from USA. Degrees given by US universities are accepted all over the world and are considered valuable in all countries.  

Choice of courses:

US universities and colleges spoil their students of choices. In addition to their main courses students can also apply for other courses of their choice which interest them. Students may also be allowed to take special courses in nearby universities therefore creating a very flexible environment for the students.

Financial assistance:

US accommodate students from all financial backgrounds. With many programs and schemes are in place which reduce the financial to a considerable amount. Students also have the opportunity to receive grants, loans, and scholarships from various organizations moreover according to a student’s academic merit he may receive partial or full tuition fee waver. If a student shows exceptional academic skills then his or hers full education fees can be wavered.

On campus work opportunities:

Foreign students are allowed to work in the campus for 20 hours a week and during summer vacations for about 40 hours a week where they are paid ranging anywhere from 8$ - 15$ per hour. These earnings  help students to cover their living expenses. Students are placed in jobs based on their financial need and personal skills and experience.

Job opportunities:

After the students complete their courses they under the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program can work in US for 17 months in what ever field they have specialized so that they are provided with the practical experience. Students after completing their OPT can work as permanent employees provided they secure H-1B visa.

Multicultural exposure:

As said earlier with more than 600000 foreign students in US with different cultures, traditions, religion, race etc you will experience a truly global culture exchange and learn about different countries and their ways.


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