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  Study in USA
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  Study in USA:


  Student life in the country:  

A student’s life in USA will be exciting to say the least. Traveling to the most advanced and developed country in the world will definitely hold a lot of surprises for you. America’s culture and traditions are heavily influenced by different cultures and traditions across the world.

In fact you might right at home since there are “Indian towns’’ within the city itself where majority of the people are Indians and Indian restaurants and shops are in abundance there fore you might feel right at home finding comfort in the similarities.

First thing which might affect you is the change in culture, traditions, norms of society it might be very different to what you have grown accustomed too there fore creating a sort of culture shock. People there will talk and act differently and you might be taken aback by some of their ways and actions. Therefore its always better to read on the ways of the country where you are going to or even call up your friends who do study in USA or keep in touch with relatives you might have in USA.

Secondly Americans are very individualistic people therefore if you need help you will have to ask for it because people with assume you are taking care of yourself. Then there is an always international students association where they conduct seminars usually at the beginning of your education journey to help you settle in. US people are more direct and forthcoming in their conversations therefore they might come off as rude but they like to let their feelings be known.

Thirdly Accommodation, Well there are numerous choices as to your accommodation preferences some of them are provided below:

On-campus dormitories, International students will be provided with accommodation on campus or close to campus are but some US schools. These places are called dormitories where you might have to share your room will at least 2 to three people. For beginners this is probably the best place to stay since it provides you an opportunity to make new friends and is also closer to campus therefore make transportation easier and cheaper.

At such places food will also be easier to get and you can either pay in advance for your food or have it on credit. Utilities such as tables or phones etc will be provided for.

Off-campus options

Some schools do not have dormitories or on school accommodations where in such a case off campus housing office will assist you in finding a room for you and also maybe find you  a room partner to share your expenses and also provide information about the neighborhood,  restaurants parks entertainment areas etc.


Rods in US are very well developed and well maintained. The public transport system is very decent and convenient for those how drive the roads are very well developed and signs are everywhere to make sure you stay on the right road. Many schools also provide students with reduced rates for public transportation.

campuses in US are usually a  very  big and cover a lot of area therefore you will find a lot of students  using bicycles to commute through campus, its is a very fast and inexpensive way to move around and saves lot of energy.

Bus services all over the U.S. are reliable, affordable and accessible.

Trains and Subways:
These are the most frequent used modes of transportation in urban areas. Slightly more expensive than buses but are faster. 

Taxis are available in most urban areas and at airports and train stations, but can be quite expensive. Always ask how much a ride will cost before you go somewhere

food will not really give much of a problem. Im most cities in America you will find all cuisines be it Indian, Chinese, Italian etc. thought the food might not taste as authentic as back home but it will be available easily. Moreover America is great place to try new dishes as most restaurants will have international cuisines. You will find that Americans a re very fond of eating outside and is considered and integral part of their culture.

Unlike other places where people shop daily, people in the U.S. generally shop over weekends as a leisure activity and that too from supermarkets. You will find that a distinct difference from India will be that the prices at shops will be fixed, there is no bargaining here!

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