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  Study in USA:


  Financial Matters:  

For domestic students it becomes easier to avail Federal aid or universities aid for Bachelors level education but for international students it becomes extremely hard to get any sort of financial help at Bachelors level of education. For Bachelor's level, the cost of education in USA is more than for Master's level, because of the number of credits students are expected to take, per semester. Therefore students who are either financially sound or have a brilliant academic track record should ideally apply for the Bachelors degree.

But at Masters Level which is cheaper than Bachelor you are provided with some sort financial aid in some from I provided to international students. Nearly 78% of the international do get financial aid in some form for the Masters level. While pursuing their PhD programs in US universities most of the Doctoral level applicants get a complete tuition waiver along with a stipend or scholarship.

Following are the fees estimates (subject to an increase of 5-10% yearly as well as differ from college to college) for different levels of education:

Average cost for Bachelor's level - $ 15,000-25,000 per year

Average cost for Master's level (Non-MBA programs - $8,000-35,000 per year

Average cost for MBA programs - $ 15,000 - 50,000 per year

In addition to the above tuition fees there are other expenses such as living expenses, books, health insurance, air tickets and transportation. Following is estimates break up of the other expenses than tuition expenses:

The cost of food alone would anywhere between 300$- 400$ per month within USA. Incidental expenditures like rent, entertainment and other expenses the average expenses would be anywhere between $800 - $1000 per month. For all international students insurance is compulsory, it would cost anywhere between Rs 15000 – 200000 per month depending on the company and the policy taken. Then there is books which would cost anywhere between $500- $1300 per year depending on the sort of course you have taken. 

And then there are always the other costs such as visa application fees, air fares deposit on room, basic necessities should all be taken into account to know your overall expenditure for studying abroad.  

Finance are always a source of worry and major hurdle for students who wish to study abroad however there are certain financial support available to students such as Scholarships/Fellowships/Grants

Tuition Waiver, Assistantships, Administrative internships, Bank loans etc. for international students financial aid is given for academic performances that means merit rather than and individuals needs.

Scholarship, grants etc are given are given for academic excellence and do not have to be reaped it can be two kinds. Full scholarship where all your expenses tuition fees and living expenses are paid for and the n there is [partial scholarship where only your tuition fees is paid for and you have to pitch some in yourself.

Assistantship is a sort of a fee waiver and also supporting living expenses and you have to pay for it buy working normally for not more than 20 hours a week.


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