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  Study in UK:


  Work Prospects in Country  

Many students when they go the UK are interested in working part-time during their studies and/or looking for employment in the UK on completion of their studies. We present some information to enable you to be aware of the type of work allowed, the procedure involved and how to go about finding part-time and full-time employment while you are in the UK.

We at vingsabraod had tie-up with some organizations as well as companies in U.K where we can provides ample guideline to assist our aspirants to search employment opportunities while they pursue their career in U.K. we offer both part time as well as full time employment opportunity for our aspirants.  It is advisable to start with a part time work so that your working hours does not hamper your studying variants.

Part Time

Finding part-time work while you are studying is fairly straightforward in the UK and something that is done by quite a large number of students. It is, however, obviously important to manage your time properly so that you do not fall behind in your studies through the hours you spend working. It is our advice that you do not spend too much time on generating extra income for yourself or bank upon this as a source of income, instead you must concentrate on your studies, as some semesters or courses can be quite hectic and you may have no time to invest in working.

When to start looking for job?

As early as possible if you are serious about looking for part-time work as you will be competing with other students. It is, however, important to ensure you are acclimatized to your new environment before you start looking. Some students also only concentrate on working during the vacation periods and many choose not to work at all so that they can concentrate on their studies.

Where to start looking for a job?

  1. Job shop in the universities
  2. On-campus jobs
  3. Job centres – most towns and cities in the U.K 
  4. Local newspapers
  5. Directly applying to fast food chains and restaurants.

How much I can earn?

Type of payments from Oct 2005 onwards

  1. If aged 16 and 17 years, you can earn minimum £3.00 per hour.
  2. If aged between 18-21 years and those aged 22 and over doing accredited training in the first six months of employment, you can earn a minimum of £ 4.25 per hour.
  3. If aged over 22 years, you can earn minimum £5.05 per hour.

Students tend to earn between £3-7 pounds an hour depending on the kind of job they get and their age.


  1. International students are allowed to work 20 hours per week and 37.5 hours during Christmas and Summer Break. The recommended number of working hours during term time, by most universities and colleges, is around 10 hours.
  2. International students must not engage in business, self employment or the provision of service as a professional sports person or entertainer.
  3. International students should not pursue a career by filling a permanent full time vacancy.
    International students can work off campus.


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