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  Study in UK:


  Visa Application Procedure  

The biggest hurdle for any aspirant to pursue once career abroad is to obtain visa which not only frustrates students but create obstacle before reaching your dream institute, We at vingsabroad provide extensive guideline as well as support for our valued students to obtain U.K visa with ease. We use all means to provide well established visa obtaining procedures which no one else can provide. With our special team who are at your disposal to avail best possible outcome for this hindrance procedure without any hassle. This team consists of specialist with well equipped knowledge about U.K visa procedure who is there to serve you till you clear all needed formalities.  Following are certain guideline which comprises of some Do’s and Don’t before applying for U.K visa.

 To apply for a student visa you must submit your visa application at the nearest British High Commission or Embassy in your home country. Your application with all the required documents and visa fee will be accepted and put up for decision to an Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) from the nearest visa issuing centre of the British High Commission or Embassy. The British High Commission or Embassy aims to make decisions on visa applications within 2 working days, although this may take slightly longer during the busy periods. It is therefore, important to apply as early as you can. If an interview is required then the application process will take longer and you are therefore advised to apply for your visa at least 1 month before your course commences, but preferably earlier.

If your application is fully prepared, and accompanied by relevant documentary evidence of your circumstances, you may be issued a visa without an interview.

The final decision on whether you would require an interview or not will be taken by an Entry Clearance Officer at the British High Commission or Embassy, no one else can make this decision. However, generally students may not require an interview (subject to changes in visa regulations for different countries) if they have

  • Travelled to the UK in the last ten years and have evidence of this travel
  • Travelled to the US, Australia, New Zealand. Canada, Switzerland or Schengen countries within the last five years and have evidence of this travel
  • Prepaid 100% of their tuition fees and have a receipt to prove it.

If no interview is required, your passport would be returned to the application centre, or couriered to you, within two working days or you may be asked to come and collect it. If however, you are called for an interview, you are likely to get an appointment on the next working day. This might slip during exceptionally busy periods.

The student is likely to be called for an interview if he has:

  • Been refused a visa for the UK or for any other country, unless he has subsequently obtained a visa for that country
  • Been refused entry to the UK or any other country
  • Failed to comply with the conditions of entry to the UK, or sought an extension of stay there.

Visa Regulations

Most students holding a non-British or non-EU passport planning to go and study in the UK require a prior entry clearance visa from their nearest British High Commission. Please check with the UK Visas website to check if you need to apply for entry clearance visa. If you need to apply for visa, please read on.

The student must be able to show that he has been accepted on a course of study at:

  • A publicly funded institution of further or higher education (e.g. a university)
  • A private-education institution
  • An independent fee paying school.

The student is going to pursue:

  • A recognized full-time degree course
  • A weekday full-time course involving at least 15 hours organised daytime study per week
  • A full-time course of study at an independent fee paying school.

The student must also:

  • Be able to pay for his course and support an accommodation for himself and any dependants without working or without help from public funds.

Some important checklist which students need to follow:

    • Visa Application form (VAF1 - Non-settlement) - fully completed and signed by applicant
    • Appropriate Visa fee of  for multiple entry
    • Passport valid for at least 6 months, with available visa pages for stamping (additional pages are not acceptable)
    • If available, the student's old passport
    • Vingsabroad reference letter & copy of signed Declaration Form for vingsabroad students
    • Receipt for any deposit or prepayment of tuition fees paid to the University  if applicable
    • Evidence of current studies, or current employment, If neither, evidence of current status
    • Valid original acceptance letter from school/college in the UK stating
      • Cost of course fees and receipt for any fees paid
      • Details of accommodation and how much it costs
      • The start date and duration of the proposed course
    • Evidence of ability to pay for course:
  • Original bank statements/passbooks covering at least 6months or FD (copies to be submitted)
  • The sponsor's IT returns for 3 years and salary certificates.
  • Deeds of any property or land owned in the student's country of origin.
  • Chartered accountants report
    • All educational certificates after/from schooling till dat
    • Evidence of English Language qualifications

Sponsors are normally parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters or relatives. From sponsors, a letter of sponsorship, photocopies of their passports showing their immigration status (if sponsor is outside student's country of origin), evidence of their financial status and available accommodation in the UK (if sponsoring for accommodation).

Note for students in India: It is strongly recommended that sponsors, other than parents, living outside of India prepay your University tuition fees and keep the receipt of the payment before you apply for your visa. This proves that the sponsor is genuine. Sponsorship from individuals who are not close family members of the student will have to be supported by very strong evidence on why they wish to spend a large amount of money on your education.

Student Visa Fee

The current student visa fee that will allow a student multiple entries to the UK may be found out from the nearest British High Commission or Embassy or vingsabroad offices. The fee should be paid by demand draft and submitted with your application to the British High Commission or Embassy.

Visa fees are not refundable.

For Indian Students only


Visa Application fees

Rs 7,250

Students Visa (multiple entry)

VFS Visa handling fees

Rs 300/400

Depending on the city in India

Visa fees should be paid by bank draft (available at the Visa Application Centres). They should be made in favour of:

Applying in

Payable to


Northern India

British High Commission


Western India

British Deputy High Commission


Southern India

British Deputy High Commission


Eastern India

British Deputy High Commission



Students enrolled on a course for more than 6 months may be required to undergo a medical examination before leaving for UK. This may vary depending on the country you are living in.

Note for students in India: Medicals are not currently required as part of the Visa application process.

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