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  Study in UK:


  Student life in UK  

Many international aspirants come to United Kingdom for its unbeatable education programs. Students may find many changes headed for UK culture can draw international students towards new experiences. Students can instantaneously discern the tranquility, submissiveness and compliance in the country. As the streets and colonies are clean and tidy with bountiful of trees and flowers making its landscape highly adaptable that one can easily get attracted towards them. It has a long history of welcoming international students to study in its universities and colleges.

According to year 2007-08 statistics (sources from well-known journal such as The Guardian) where Non – EU countries had out numbered the EU countries. The Non- EU countries contributed 2, 29,640 against EU countries who are 1,12,150 which is half way down in comparison. Following statistic will provide more detail about combination international students in the UK.

  • China has sent the largest number of students – 49,595 (-2% increase)
  • India is next with 23,835 (24% increase) and
  • USA third, with 15,955 (8% increase)
  • Scotland has attracted 17% of international students, whereas
  • England has attracted 15%
  • Wales – 14% and
  • Northern Ireland – 11%
  • Engineering and Technology is the most sought after program with 31% opting for the same.
  • Business Administration is the next program with 29%,
  • Computer Science – 20%
  • Law attracted 19% of the international students.

Above-mentioned figures clearly indicate the dominant presence of international students across UK colleges and universities that are more encouraging for any student. Among all international students, 81,480 opted for PG degrees, whereas 52,705 opted for their first degrees.

The following universities attracted most international students:

  • University of Manchester – 8,345
  • University of Nottingham – 7,710
  • University of Warwick – 7,430
  • London Metropolitan University – 7,115

We at Vignsabroad represents a range of UK Colleges and Universities and will be happy to provide you with further information assist you in all means to make sure your study worthwhile. We brought you a different communication facility with our ex-students as well as students who are currently pursuing their education would be at your disposal to provide first hand experience about the country and nitty-gritty of student life in the UK.

Students coming from different nations have many things to identify and learn from UK. When students arrive to UK, they have to get awareness about all the costs that are to be incurred. Usually students preferring to live off-campus will choose to live in shared housing and make use of public transportation networks such as electric trains, tubes, buses for which we had exclusive arrangement. You need not fear that you won’t have a social life when you arrive in UK. As a part of Universities and colleges which we represents had special orientation activities for new international students which runs tours, trips, and events, ensuring you receive a warm welcome.


Our universities and colleges organize certain events, which is a great way to meet other students and see some of the best parts of UK, such as

  • Parties and get-together
  • Special events with international students from different universities and colleges
  • Subsidized trips around UK to face the first hand experience of this fascinating country

Every university in UK has their student union that organizes several extra curricular activities like, theatre performances, movies nights and quiz nights. Besides, there are various clubs and sports in every university that varies from football, volleyball to painting, movies etc, which are mostly run through university unions. It is a great way to meet other students and get involved in campus life.

Studying in UK especially in city of London is a truly unforgettable experience for any international student. More than 7 million people live in this world-famous city; and over 350,000 of them are students, many of whom are from outside the UK. Westminster's students reflect the vibrant and cosmopolitan environment of the city. This year, students from an amazing 155 different countries represented within the student body. London is home to some of the world's best-known monuments, buildings, museums, galleries, sports clubs, restaurants, clubs, shopping and theatres, and Westminster's students are ideally placed to explore the city's many dimensions. The three central London campuses of Marylebone, Regent and Cavendish are located in the heart in London's famous 'West End', whilst the Harrow campus offers a more peaceful environment that is still only a short tube journey away from the centre. 
  "By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world has to show"
Dr. Samuel Johnson,
18th century poet and philosopher

  It is quite possible to develop a varied and interesting lifestyle inLondonon a budget. With substantial student discounts and so many of the city's most appealing attractions being free, you will always find ways to make your money go further. Over all student life in the UK with the presence of beautiful and modernized cities and countryside provides great social and studying life for our valued aspirants.

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