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  Money Matter  

Cost of Studying in the UK

UK being one of the most competitive destination for further study do provide more competitive cost of studying that is considerably less and cost effective than studying in USA. With rising competition between UK and US over attracting foreign students to invest their career option in one of their universities and colleges they both the countries showed constant effort to lower down cost of education to stay competitive. Between these two, UK had gone extra mile to provide much lower cost of education then US with the constant efforts of its government’s proactive education policy. Now any foreign student can avail better standard of education at less cost in UK then in US.

The cost of studying in the UK is determined by the tuition fees of your course and estimated living costs for the city you are studying in.
Tuition fees for courses vary depending on the course you have applied to study and the institution you are planning to study at. The following is a guide to tuition fees from institutions represented by vingsabroad.

Business Courses

£5,500 - £12,000 per year

Engineering and Science Courses

£6,500 - £12,000 per year


£7,000 - £16,500 per year

Best way to arrange payment of one’s tuition fees:

Either at the time of registration, you will be required to pay the first installment (for institutions that accept installments) or full tuition fees so that you can register with the institution and obtain your Student ID or matriculation number. If you have already prepaid a part of your tuition fee before applying for Visa - the payment receipts of the same has be produced at the time of registration. Please check with your nearest Study Overseas office to find out if your university accepts installments. In case where you have already prepaid the first installment then you should carry proof of the same, so that you can get your matriculation or the Student ID card from the University. In case where you wish to take the first installment or the full tuition fees with you to the University, then you have various options available.

Universities that have installment scheme

If you wish to pay by installment, then it is advisable that you pay the first installment by Banker's draft and for the subsequent installments, you can ask your bank or sponsor to send the tuition fee by electronic transfer from your home country.

Universities without any installment scheme

If the University that you have enrolled in does not offer any installment-scheme or if you choose to pay all the tuition fee at the start of the course, then the best advisable mode of payment is Banker's draft or an electronic transfer.

Cost of Living in the UK

We are giving here a rough estimate of how much most international students spend during one academic year. A lot depends on the standard of living you expect to enjoy. The first couple of months will see you spending more than what your average expenditure will be in the full academic year. It will be high around the beginning as you would be paying out for things like accommodation deposits and security or advance, buying groceries and only refilling them over a period of time, books, opening a new bank account, registering for National Insurance Number, and travel involved in the initial settlement period.

The cost of living in the UK varies depending on whether you live in or outside London and on your own particular lifestyle. The following is a guide:

Outside London
£5,500  per year

£6,500  per year

Also includes the cost of accommodation, heating, lighting, food, clothing, books daily travel for one person for one year. Your concerned University will provide you chart of the normal expected expenditure split into accommodation, travel, books, entertainment etc. Please take a careful read of the same and make arrangements to have all that money transferred to your account in a bank in your home country, which can later be transferred to your new bank account in the UK. It is advisable that you carry some ready money in the form of currency notes and some in the form of Traveler’s cheques and some as plastic money for when you first arrive in the UK.

There are some special reductions offered to students at many local shops, theatres, cinemas, museums and galleries; and special student fares are available on buses and trains. You normally need to show your student ID/matriculation card to be able to take advantage of the reductions.

Other costs:

Visa application fee, air fare and settlement expenses like deposit on room/flat, basic necessities etc. are also to be factored in, while calculating the expenditure involved for studying abroad.

Presently, the Visa application fee is around Rs 4,400 for USA, Rs 5,100 for UK

Air fare could be between Rs 15,000 to 45,000 depending upon the country, season and airline.

To provide you with clear information regarding cost of living and studying in the UK, see the below table:





Under Graduation

6000-8000 UK Pounds

4500-5500 UK Pounds/Year

Post Graduation

6000-12000 UK Pounds

5500-5500 UK Pounds/Year


Both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students are guaranteed accommodation by many universities in their Halls of Residence, for at least their first year at the university provided they inform the university within the given deadlines.

On Campus: College hostels (self catered of fully catered)
Off Campus: Renting a flat / apartment
Home stay: With the Families near the institution.


It looks scary for certain students who might find this expense and cost pretty high, but for them UK Universities/ colleges along with Government offer an extensive range of scholarships and bursaries for capable foreign aspirants. It is open for all the prospective students pursuing full-time study program irrespective of any stream, at most levels. There are various sources of financial aid for international students that provide great opportunity to purse your education in UK.

Students in UK will be offered scholarships from the respective universities as deduction in their tuition fee. Other than this, students will be awarded other forms of aid/scholarships based on their academic excellence and background. These scholarship programmes and other funding will be managed by the British Council and other associated organizations.

Apart from University support, there are also relatively some public and private scholarships programmes, which intend to provide financial support for the international students.

We at vingsabroad will disclose all necessary information regarding all the scholarship programmes to our students that suits their needs. You can get all the detail of various prominent scholarship programmes of UK on our site.

Apart from scholarship programmes we also give you more inside about how to procure loan from various financial companies/institutes which too support education loans to international students. Government of UK made it more convenient for international students to procure student loan by evolving both public and private companies/institutions making all sort of student loans easy to excess. We at vingsabroad for the betterment of our student will offer more vibrant and transparent information plus initiative to make our students comfortable while they pursue their education in the UK. We are associated directly or indirectly with most prominent financial facilitator in UK that no one else can offer.

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