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  Student Life in Singapore  

As well as innovation, Singapore is also known for cleanliness, low crime rates, high quality of living, and – largely thanks to excellent public transport and the high cost of owning a car – surprisingly little traffic and pollution.

Much like Hong Kong, Singapore is also frequently characterized as a place where ‘east meets west’ – making it a popular destination for visitors from all around the world, who are keen to explore a new culture, without leaving their own behind altogether!

English is very widely spoken here, recognized as an official language alongside Mandarin, Tamil and Malay, and – like larger neighbour Malaysia. While there is no dearth of Indian food, culture and presence, Singapore also has a very vibrant night life, with a number of pubs and hang-out places.


In many cases, your accommodation will be only minutes from your place of study. Your institution can help you find accommodation before you begin studying.

Options of accommodation available:

Australia enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world while remaining affordable.
An average international student in Australia can expect to pay about A$360 a week on:

  • University – Halls of Residence
  • Private Hostel
  • Public Housing
  • Private Housing


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