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i) I have read about a Singapore student pass. Is there any difference between a Singapore student pass and a Singapore student visa?

No. In Singapore, every visa is referred to as a "pass". So there are:

1. Student pass
2. Social visit pass
3. Dependent pass
4. Long term social visit pass
5. Employment pass
6. S-Pass (a form of employment pass)

All these "passes" might be called visas in some countries. In Singapore they are called "passes". Otherwise, they are no different from visas.

ii) I am coming to Singapore and want to study for 30 days only (or shorter). Do I need to apply for a student pass?

No. For a short course that can be completed in 30 days or the validity of the entry stamp you received on the checkpoint (whichever is less), you do not need a student pass.

iii) What are the Singapore student visa requirements?

Although the rejection rate is low, there is no fixed set of requirements that, if fulfilled, gives you the right to a student pass. You submit the documents, and ICA makes a decision. That said, if the following boxes are ticked, you will most likely be granted a student pass:

You follow a full-time course at a recognised educational institution, and the institution submits the application on your behalf;

You have adequate educational credentials. Depending on your age, it means you will have completed secondary or tertiary education;

Your forms are properly filled and the supporting documents all check out

Keep in mind that Singapore has the ambition to be a regional education hub. So in general, the student pass process is kept as accessible and streamlined as possible. Nevertheless, rejections do occur in certain cases.

iv) I want to start studying very soon, do I need to wait until my student pass goes through before coming to Singapore?

No. By all means, get your application going as soon as you can. You can send scans to your school for the first submission, but need to bring the originals when you collect your pass.

That said, you can enter Singapore with a social visit pass and start your course already. Just do verify with the school whether, in the unlikely case of student pass rejection, they will refund you the remaining course fees. Most schools will agree to this.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that you always need a valid endorsement in your passport, be it a student pass or social visit pass. Never overstay even if your student pass application is pending.

v) How long does it take to process a student pass application?

The application can be as fast as two weeks, but it's safer to assume that it will take 4-5 weeks until approval.

vi) Which degrees the Singapore Colleges offer?

There are various courses for UG, PG and Phd. MBA is the most preferred course by Indian candidates in Singapore.

vii) Is it advisable to take College accommodation or private accommodation?

College accommodation will be little expensive than private accommodation.

viii) Is there any discrimination towards Indian students?

No, most importantly Tamil is one of the four official languages in Singapore

ix) What is a very important factor for issue of Singapore student visa?

Genuine documentation

x) How long will the visa process take Singapore student visa?

2 – 3 weeks

xi) Does interview required for Singapore student visa?


xii) Does the IELTS enhance my chances of success for Singapore student visa?

No. Only for admission in Singapore colleges it is required.

xiii) What are the criteria for issuance of Singapore student visa?

Financial documents and Academic records.

xiv) How do I get a refund of registration fee if my Singapore Visa rejected?

Registration fee is not refundable.

xv) How soon can we get a ‘Letter of Offer’?

Within seven days to one month, depending upon the university.

xvi) How much do truematics charge for admission?


xvii) Is GRE or GMAT required for admission into MSc programs?

No. There are private college in which you can study mba in Singapore without gmat.

xviii) What are the basic entry requirements for Master’s programme at any University in Singapore?

The entry requirement for Masters programme at any University in Singapore is a good First Class Degree (60% and above) in graduation, in a related stream.

19) Do I require IELTS / TOEFL score to apply to any University in Singapore?


20) Mba in Singapore eligibility at any Universities in Singapore?

The Applicant should fulfill the following criteria’s:-

1. Minimum 2- 3 year’s Full Time work experience after graduation. There are private college in which you can study mba in Singapore without work experience.
2. First class degree in graduation.

For Fresher’s, there are some universities which would give the admissions. For MBA who are from different stream, admission into MS programs is possible.

21) How should the students pay tuition fee and when?

Can be paid after reaching Singapore.

22)cDo Universities allow me to pay my fees in installments?


23) Is there any chance of study in Singapore with scholarship?

Only public universities have this option.

24) How do I apply to study in Singapore?

Contact us via email or phone.

25) How do I find out which institution offers courses I am interested in?

For a list of educational institutions in Singapore, please visit our office or email us.

26) What is the difference between private and public institutions?

A. Public Schools are government schools. They are registered and managed by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

In Singapore, there are 11 gazetted public holidays and three scheduled school holidays in a calendar year.

Private Schools - There are various types of private schools in Singapore. Private schools are generally run by private companies or non-profit organisations. There are also some private institutions that receive public funds, eg. NAFA (The Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts), SMU (Singapore Management University) and LASALLE-SIA college of the Arts.

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