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  Study in New Zealand
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  Study in New Zealand:


  Student Life in New Zealand  

New Zealand amazingly beautiful country with a great combination of mountains, thick forests and lush green country side. Auckland is the main city close to one third of the population lives there. Wellington  is the Capital New Zealand and Christchurch is the main city in south Island and second biggest in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a land of a variety of culture with less population. There are a large number of foreign nationalities in New Zealand with an increasing number of people from Asian countries. Most visitors find people in New Zealand quite friendly and sporty. The best known sports are tennis, basket ball, hockey, etc.

Kiwis lifestyle is informal and relaxed, with endless opportunity for leisure and outdoor activities. New Zealand islands offer a varied landscape - ranging from sub-tropical beaches to stunning alpine wilderness. "Kiwis" are renowned for their friendliness and they are great travellers who are very interested in other cultures and countries.


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