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  Study in Ireland
>> Introduction
>> About Ireland
>> Education System in Ireland
>> Why Ireland
>> Admission procedure
>> Visa Procedure
>> Financial Matters
>> Student life in Ireland
>> Work Prospects in Ireland
>> FAQs on Ireland

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  Study in Ireland:



1. Why study in Ireland?

Ireland is an English speaking country with a long tradition of providing education for international students dating back many years. In the twenty-first century, the Irish education system still retains its high standards and international reputation. The Irish government has recently invested hundreds of millions of euro to further improve their schools, colleges and universities. On top of it Ireland is emerging as a hot destination for international students with wide range of course offerings in affordable cost while providing international standards of education with friendly Visa Procedures.

2. All Courses offered by Irish institutions recognised globally?

Usually Irish academic awards are of very high standards, Higher Education and Training Award Council (HETAC), a body established by the Irish Ministry of Education approves the courses that meet high standards, all you need to do is to check that the courses are approved by them. Approved courses have international recognition.

3. I’m new to Ireland how would be my life at college/University?

Ireland is becoming hot spot for global students these days, so that most of the universities of an international student office with trained staff, who assist international students in many issues. They also conduct an orientation program for overseas students to make students familiar with Irish life and culture.
4. How can I find accommodation in Ireland?

Most of the colleges provide accommodation for international students, even Most colleges have dedicated staff, whose job it is to help international students find stay. They will provide you with a base to start your search, lists of properties which other students have used in the past, and good advice. College noticeboards, other students, and local newspapers are also very useful. Vingsaboad will guide you will in this aspect

5. How much should I budget for accommodation and Living expenses?

Costs will vary depending on the course of study, the length of stay and the lifestyle of the student. However, on average, a student can expect to pay between Euro 6,500 and Euro 10,000 in living costs per year.

6. Can I work in Ireland?

Students are free to work in Ireland. Citizens of countries outside the Ireland, who are attending full time courses of at least a year leading to a recognised qualification, are permitted to work part-time; it is defined as up to 20 hours a week and full-time during holidays.

7. Will I have to study in I rish, if I join university/college in Ireland?

Students who have not done their schooling in Ireland need not learn Irish; hence international students are not obligated to study in Irish.

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